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Tornado Pneumatic Air Foam Gun High Pressure Car Wash Interior Deep Cleaning Gun Espuma Tool for Tornador Detailing Tool


Russian Federation
Russian Federation
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Bear Force Automotive Interior Cleaning Gun

(Please select suitable fitting size for your air compressor)

Working Principle:

The machine is connected with the air source, which causes high-speed rotation (8500 turns/ minute) of the circular tube within the bell mouth of the cleaning machine with a pressure of 4-9.2bar (best working state is at pressure of 7bar). The centrifugal force as a result of the rotation evacuates the airs in the center and forms a powerful airflow to atomize the detergent. The atomized detergent is attached on the stained parts to completely separate the stain molecules from the surface of the parts. Meanwhile, the free molecules will be adsorbed on the bell mouth to achieve an outstanding pollutant removal effect and can also sterilize the bacteria inside the automobile.

Product Features:

Comprehensive cleaning, efficient and energy-saving.

Combined with aerology principles, easy and simple to use.

Two choice modes,Suitable for a variety of occasions.

The product employs the new bearing rotor design; it has a low start-up pressure and high rotational speed (up to 3000rpm), the cleaning effect is very good.

Light design of the gun body; Feel comfortable, beautiful and durable.

Product information:

Description: Car Interior Cleaning Gun
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
Color: Yellow + White
Net Weight: about 750g
Air Pressure: 6-9.2 bar

Operating temperature: 10-40°C

Liquid: neutral (special solution)

Application Scope:

The product can effectively remove the various kinds of stains on the surface of the flannel fabric and leather, engine, tire, hub, plastic as well as the surface of various industrial machines.

Such as :

Motorcycles, automobiles and heavy-duty truck;

Photocatalytic pretreatment spray, aluminum window frame;

Blinds, screens, carpet;

Hardware release agent, grease, cleaning gum;

Microwave oven, kitchen facilities and various kinds of fans Tractors, farming equipments and animal lodging;

Automated office equipments (e.g. printer) tool, toy ( stuffed toy animals and figures),leather shoes, etc.


1. The working pressure is 4~9 bar(0.4-0.9Mpa); the optimal working pressure is 7bar(0.7Mpa);

2. The working pressure shall not exceed 1Mpa to avoid damaging the tornado;

3. Wash the inside with water after each use to prevent blocking of the pipe;

4. Upon receiving the product, rotate the bearing gently to avoid jamming.


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China, Russian Federation

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