100pcs/Pack Garden Supplies Environmental Protection 8*10cm Nursery Pots Seedling Raising Bags Fabrics Garden Planting GT015


6994 in stock


6994 in stock

Name:100pcs/Pack Garden Supplies Environmental Protection Nursery Pots Seedling Raising Bags 8*10cm Fabrics Hot Sale In Russia

Nursery bags with earth: for nursery seedlings grew directly out later transplanted into large bowl or in the yard can be, will naturally degrade after transplantation, which can effectively prevent deaths and Huanmiao transplant seedlings in small seedlings pots in the lead Green nursery bag, buried in the soil can be naturally degraded
size: 8*10cm (Different batches,Slight deviation in size)

Package Included:100 pcs *Seedling Raising Bags

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