12V High Pressure Water Gun Water Pump Electric Car Auto Washing Tools Kit Self Help Car Washing Machine


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Diaphragm pump combines the advantages of self-priming pump and chemical pump
Using a variety of imported corrosion-resistant materials, self-priming, thermal protection, smooth operation, long-time continuous idling, long-time continuous load operation
12v high stable pressure pump, Safe and reliable: 12V low voltage power supply, do not need to start the engine, it does not damage the battery.
High frequency and efficiency: high frequency shock wave can clean the dirt rapidly.
Product use high quality spray gun, rotating type out a variety of the water requirement, (spray gun nozzle rotating different point of view, will flow to fog, scattering, direct) make you more convenient, clean when cleaning things.

Car cleaning machine with automatic pressure switch, as long as the gun is not out of the water, the motor does not work, save water and to avoid the loss of the machine.
Car wash water gun, hand-held car wash, lightweight and convenient.
Fashion appearance: scientific design, beautiful and artistic, booth a gift and a tool for yourself.

Material: stainless steel
Water pipe length: 8M
Power cable length: 3M
Current: 5A
Voltage: 12V
Working pressure: 0.70 MPA
Flow: 5L/MIN
Power: 60W
Water pump size: 165*100*62mm

Package included:
1 x Cigarette Light Wire (3 Meters)
1 x PVC Inlet pipe (1.3 meters)
1 x Outlet pipe with dual connector(8 meters)
1 x Water gun
1 x Filter
1 x 12V Water Diaphragm pump
1 x English manual
1 x Fiber towel
1 x Coral sponge

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