3 Layers Of Electric Mosquito Swatter Battery Electronic Handheld Racket Killer Fly Swatter Safety Net Mosquito Swatter

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1. Product size: 46*18cm
2, working voltage: 1200-1500V
3, the use of the environment: family, dormitory, company, outdoor can be used
4, anti-mosquito and insect repellent types: electric mosquito swatter
5, whether to support charging: not supported
6, rated voltage: 3 (V)
7,Packing list: electric mosquito swatter*1 English manual*1 color bag*1

1, pure physical mosquito killing: safe without side effects
2, light instructions: master the correct working status, at a glance
3, quiet and low noise: let your baby sleep more securely
4, three-layer safety grid: three-layer protection, only electric mosquitoes, no electricity, provide you with security protection
5, use abs material: more durable and durable
6, battery slot design: No. 5 universal battery, more convenient and quick to use
7, anti-mosquito offensive: fast, accurate and stable, so that you and your family are protected from mosquitoes

Instructions for use:
1. Please install two AA batteries in the battery case before use.
2. Hold the handle, press the switch button to turn on the power, energize and be ready to destroy any insects. Be sure to keep the key on and keep pressing when catching insects.
3. The outer protective net is not touched by touch, but it is not recommended to touch. Do not touch the internal network, you will feel a slight shock when you touch it.
4. Killed worms can be brushed or shaken to remove them from electric mosquito swatter. Do not wash with water.
5. When the sound and blue flash are weak when hitting the mosquito, the battery is low and you need to install two new AA batteries to resume normal use.

• Please do not squeeze the net surface of the electric mosquito swatter with your fingers.
• Do not use electric mosquito swabs next to flammable gases and liquids.
• Please do not use water to clean the electric mosquito swatter.
• Please do not insert metal objects into the middle of the mesh to play.

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