30m Automatic Micro Drip Irrigation System Garden Irrigation Spray Self Watering Kits with Adjustable Dripper


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Spraying is a highly efficient, easy to install permanent irrigation system. Its role is to apply water directly to the soil and plants. Therefore, plants can directly absorb nutrients and moisture through these useful tools. Buy it and you will see a thriving scene!
Main features:
Whether you are at home or not, you don’t have to worry about your plans
– Adjustable spray tool to provide different amounts of water depending on the water requirements of different plants
– Adjust the spray range as needed
Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants

Note Please use more than 1.5 kg of pressurized water in order to use this product normally.
The hose should not exceed 10 meters and can be cut into several sections so that the water can flow out
Before installing, put the connecting part of the hose into hot water for 10 seconds.
If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please feel free to contact us.

Main Features:

– Supports programming to control watering, it will irrigate your plants regularly
– Its run time is up to 1 – 300 minutes, not only meets daily watering needs but also suitable for agricultural production
– Intervals are from every 6 hours to once every 7 days for your different choices
– Rain delay function ensures maximum water conservation, it can stop watering during and after rainy days
– Flexible manual watering allows you to wash your car or water your garden by yourself
– Made of premium ABS material, impact-resistant, weather-resistant, durable to use
– Ideal for irrigation applications in gardens, yards, greenhouses, etc.

– Material: fire retarding ABS
– Power: 2 x AA battery (not included)
– Hydraulic pressure: 0 – 0.8MPa
– Working pressure: 0 – 0.4MPa
– Operating temperature: 5 – 40 Deg.C

Temperature range: 0-40 degree
Working Pressure: 4-6BAR
Material: Plastic
Green color
Frequency: can be butoon control. minimum irrigation frequency is 1 hour. maximum is 72 hours.
Circle: Can be controlled by rotating knob. Circle time minimum is 1 minute. maximum is 120 minutes.
Batteries: 2×1.5 V AAA (No. 7) size batteries. (Not to include).
Use the method:
1. Firstly, install the battery. The water valve will be self-check.Then valve will be on turn off
2. Secondly, you can turn the knob to “How often” you can set as many times as you want to water your plants, an hour or two hours.
3. Third. Turn the knob to “How Long” and you can set the time to water the plants.
4. backwards according to the defined programs. The water valve will be operate within 10 seconds.
1. The timer can connect to 3/4 ”threaded tap directly, we can also provide a universal connector for you to connect to non-threaded tap or other size tapped thread, so you don’t have to worry about the connecting tap.
2. Adjust watering frequency and water time, even if you are away on vacation, do not worry unattended plants. Only for the control of irrigation systems in the domestic sector, for example. Lawn sprinkler, sprinklers and drip home, etc.
Package Includes:
1 x Timer
1 x User Manual

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