City wolf High Pressure Spray Water Gun with snow foam lance for AR Blue Clean/ Black&Decker/Interskol / Bosche AQT series


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High Pressure Water Gun with Snow Foam Lance for AR Blue Clean/ Black & Decker/ Michelin / Interskol (Old)/ Bosche (New Models) Pressure Washers

High Pressure Water Gun 1PCS

Snow Foam Lance 1PCS

Max Pressure: 120bar/1740PSI

Suitable for:

1. Some of AR Blue Clean, Black & Decker, Michelin, Interskol (Old) pressure washers

2. Bosche AQT 33-10, 33-11, 35-12, 37-13, 40-12, 42-13, 45-14, EASY AQUATAK 110, EASY AQUATAK 120, ADVANCE AQUATAK 135, UNIVERSAL AQUATAK 135, ADVANCED AQUATAK 150, ADVANCED AQUATAK 160

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