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Introduction of us

We are a profesional Hunting Society here in China, we mainly use Spring Trap for Hunting,

the prey we hunt are : Hare, Pheasant Vole,Skunk, Wild Boar Fox,Coyote,Muskrat,Fisher Mink,

and all kind of Bird, fish.

If you have same interest and hobby, please add my skype: peter.shi.yy, we can

communicate with each other for the hunting skill. Follow is our spring trap using applicaiton, hope

it can do some help for you
my email address is petershinn@163.com

Introduction of the Trap

The Trap we offer is Leg Hold Spring Trap, we have the diameter 110mm, diameter 130mm, diameter 150mm diameter 180mm and diameter 200mm


Spring Trap Diameter 110MM (4.3 Inch)

Can catch the weight below 0.5KG Such as Mouse Vole birdie small size animal and bird

Spring Trap Diameter 130MM (5.1 Inch)

Can catch the weight below 1 KG Such as Skunk turtledove Mouse Vole birdie

Spring Trap Diameter 150MM (5.9 Inch)

Can catch the weight below 2.5 KG Such as Rabbit Hare Cat Pheasant the middle size of animal

Spring Trap Diameter 180MM (7.0 Inch)

Can catch the weight below 5 KG Such as All kind of Mink, pye-dog, wildcat ,Rabbit , all kind of Fox

Spring Trap Diameter 200MM (7.8 Inch)

Can catch the weight below 10 KG Such as: boar ,deer, coyot

Selling Point

Coil Spring Traps :Rabbit Vole Skunk Fox Coyote Skunk Muskrat Fisher Mink

Trap spread: 4.3 inch (110MM)
Steel metal sheet

Coil Spring Traps are foot-hold restraining devices used to catch and hold wild animals. This style of trap has been used since the early part of the 20th century and is widely accepted as a cost effective and efficient tool for managing wildlife populations. Coil Spring Traps are manufactured of steel components and powered by a set of compact coil springs. The #1 Coil Spring Leg Trap is designed to trap raccoon, fox, mink, nutra and similarly sized animals.

Coil Spring Leg Trap is designed to trap raccoon, fox, mink, nutra and similarly sized animalTarget Animals: Fox, Mink, Nutria, Raccoon, and other Similarly Sized Animals

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