New Outdoor Shower Portable Camping Shower Multi-Function Bath Sprayer Watering Flowers Car Washing Small Sprayer 5L


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5L Outdoor Shower Portable Camp Shower Multi-Function Bath Sprayer Watering Flowers Car Washing Small Sprayer for Travel

1. Humanized design: ergonomically designed water sprayer, 360-degree rotating nozzle, flow adjustment nut, widened non-slip handle, saving time and effort, the diameter of the water injection is up to 13 cm, effectively preventing water from overflowing, saving water and energy.
2. 7 spray water column modes, freely adjustable: mild spray, flat spray, cone spray, atomized spray, powerful spray, container filling, multi-water column jet.
3. Safety valve design: After the pressure in the barrel reaches a certain value, the safety valve will automatically deflate for safety reasons, thereby stabilizing the air pressure inside the barrel, making it safer to use and prolonging the service life of the product.
4. Thickened base: It adopts PP new material, the product is non-toxic and tasteless, and the thickened base makes the product more stable, not easy to damage, and has a longer service life.
5. Multi-functional: outdoor shower, watering, washing car , fruit washing, etc.

Capacity: 5L/8L optional
Material: PP.PE new plastic
Leather tube: 3 meters
Water sprayer: 7 kinds of water spray mode (green water sprayer)
Color: red

Packing List:
1*outdoor shower

1. It is only used for water spray. It is forbidden to spray chemicals such as pesticides and disinfectants. These are easy to cause damage to human eyes or skin. Before long-distance travel, Be sure to test the performance of the sprayer first and keep it clean. Please use clean water as much as possible.
2. The water injection should not exceed the maximum water level line. The bottle body needs to have enough space to save the pressure.
3. When the safety valve design exceeds a certain pressure, it will automatically deflate. When it is pressurized, it can be pressed for dozens of times to reach the required air pressure. Try not to move as much as possible. If you have less water, you should play more. If you have more water, you will add less. The excess pressure will be released automatically, not leaking.
4. When not in use for a long time, please release the pressure inside the bottle to reduce the loss of parts. If it is not used for a long time, if there is pressure in the bottle, it may cause wear on the parts of the sprayer. Please empty the bottle, release the pressure and clean it to maintain a longer service life.
5. Please store in a cool place to avoid prolonged exposure. When not in use, please store it in a cool and dry place as far as possible. It is forbidden to expose it in the sun for a long time, so as to prevent the air pressure from increasing due to the high temperature inside the bottle, breaking the bottle body and causing unnecessary loss.
6. In order to test the quality of the sprayer, there are traces of water droplets as normal. Before we ship, we will check each sprayer to ensure that each product is intact.

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