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Petunia, Solanaceae, Petunia, the official name of Petunia, perennial herb, often cultivated in a year or two, 20-45 cm high; stems grow, have villous pilose, soft leaves, eggs Shape, entire, alternate, upper leaves opposite; flowers solitary, funnel-shaped, double-flowered globose, flowers white, purple or various red, with its coloured edges, very beautiful, flowering from April to frosting; The seeds are small. It is widely cultivated in the north and south city parks of China. The petunia is native to South America and Argentina, and is widely cultivated all over the world.

Sowing and breeding

Under the conditions of protected areas in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the petunia can be planted all year round. Because the general flowering period is controlled on May 1st and National Day, the sowing time is broadcast in October-November and spring in June-July. Pack the medium before sowing, pour the water, spray the wet seeds after the spray, the seeds can not cover any medium, otherwise it will affect the germination. When the seeds are germinated and unearthed, the temperature is controlled at 20-24 °C. About 12-7 leaves can be grown after 6-7 weeks of sowing. However, depending on the soil temperature conditions, if it is transplanted from small trays to large-sized trays, it may be necessary. 12 true leaves were born in 9 weeks.


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