Polyurethane Molds For Concrete Garden House Decor Texture Wall Floors Molds Cement Plaster Stamps Model Molds Rubber Molds


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Polyurethane Molds For Concrete Cement Plaster Stamps Model Molds Rubber Molds Garden House Decor Texture Wall And Floors

The use of our flexible polyurethane stamps provides high quality printing on a concrete, gypsum and cement plasters, adhesives and putty, both vertical and horizontal surfaces!


Molds is made of polyurethane !

The front surface of the polyurethane molds simulates natural stone !

Polyurethane molds can be used to create decorative tiles from plaster and concrete !

High flexibility and Strength !
Longer service life to be used more times !

Stamps line is made of polyurethane. Has a protective layer of felted rubber that makes the product is more reliable. We made casts with large blocks of stone,so the stamps do not have the edge(seam).
This allows the wizard to create your own nature of stone, its contours, its originality. Stamps are used for walls and floors.

Polyurethane molds for concrete or plaster to decorate the walls. Can be used both indoors and outside. For interior decoration you can use a mortar based on gypsum. For exterior applications, use concrete solution.


Package Includes:
1X Polyurethane Mold with two handle

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