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Package Included:
1 x Rodent Bait Block Station Box
1 x Key

Product name: Rat Mouse Mice Rodent Bait Block Station Box Trap & Key for Home Warehouse Hotel
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Weight: approx.300g
Size: 16*17.5*7.5cm/6.3*6.9*3.0inch
Scope: Suitable for homes, hotels, factories, warehouses, food plants

1. Practicality, reasonable design, firm texture, resistance to rain erosion, high temperature and low cold, this poisonbait box has a small space, using a split structure, can only put out rodenticide and small traps;
2. Reasonable structure, complete functions, ingenious design, novel style, the best choice for rodent control companies and specializedkilling companies.
3. High-quality plastic manufacturing, high strength, good toughness and long service life; because the bait box is concealed, the safety of the rodent is high, the target is good when information is transmitted, and the rate of stealing is high;
4. Unique waterproof design to ensure that the ratpoison is not easy to be moist and mildewed;
5. The medication is safe and can prevent poultry pets from eating;
6. The poisonbait is in the bait box, and it is environmentally friendly and absolutely green;
7. There is a unique lock device to facilitate the inspection and control of the consumption dynamics of the ratpoison, and scientifically save the mouse;

1. After placing the rodent in the bait box, place it in the area where the mouse is often active, or where the mouse hole is not far away. Because the mouse is extremely sensitive to the environment, the mouse will not come to feed in a short time, but the mouse will relax when placed for a while.
2. Every other day, observe the remaining number of rat boxes and find them in time;
3. After discovering that the ratpoison is being taken for a week, carefully observe the surrounding environment, and then place the ratpoison to treat the mouse in time.
Wash your hands or clean the leaked skin after placing the bait

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