Smart Dog Puzzle Toys for Beginner, Puppy Treat Dispenser Toys Feeder for Mini Dog Puppies Cats


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923 in stock

Treat Dispenser Dog Toy was made of safe, non-toxic, durable materials within BPA FREE which Made with high strength engineering PVC plastics, environmental protection, tearing resistance, anti-aging, will not burst into sharp pieces.

Dog Food Puzzle Toys full of interesting attract the pet’s attention and increase the pet’s IQ that Smart interactive feeding toy is a great way to engage and entertain your dog. This treat training dog puzzle occupies anxious dogs and entertains them when they have become bored.

Pet Dog Training Games Feeder Unique Design show that mental stimulation leads to decreased stress think of the depression would be reduced flower plate 6+1 design Hidden food box design, can hide different foods in 6 holes, exercise and inspire dogs mind, bring fun for you and your puppy Rubber anti-slide pads at the bottom, prevent the pet feed bowl from moving and tipping over

Diameter: 9.8Inch, HEIGHT:1.18Inch

1Material: PVC plastics

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