Transparent Shiny Inflatable Sofa Lazy Bean Bag Air Outdoor Camping Folding Portable Beach Bed Recliner Chair Stool Couch Puff


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1, lightweight and foldable, easy to carry. The inflatable sofa is very light after being put out of the air. It can be folded and stored in a larger size. The quality is very light and can be taken at will. It is very convenient to carry when you travel, it is trendy and comfortable.

2. Unique design. The inflatable sofa is novel and unique in design, with colorful and harmonious colors, and the design is based on a chic lazy sofa. It is a popular lazy couch that is popular with people.

3, inflatable sofa row airbag three-dimensional inner tank adjustable agent. According to the pressure of different parts of the sofa to adjust the supporting force, adjust the softness and hardness of the sofa, can give you the most healthy sleep experience.

4. Designed with internal advection ventilation slots. The inflatable sofa has carefully designed the flat-flow venting system between the inner layer fabric and the air bladder. It not only maintains the shape and support force of the cushion and the appearance, but also has good ventilation and has a good health and disease prevention effect.

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